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MarcRJacobs 10-31-2005 01:28 PM

Where are the decent ftp clients
I have now tried about 10 different ftp clients in linux. To describe them in a word... they "SUCK". I can not find one with decent features. Some show file date, but no times (unless if something changes more than once a day). Some don't properly handle server time zones (if different from your local), so date/time stamping is unless. But the biggest lacking feature in all of them is the ability to use ftp to backup a web server, downloading only new or newer file. This includes uploading only new and newer files as well. I even look at one of the frequently recommended ones that has the audacity to charge $24.95 for their product. They don't show file times at all, nor can up/download new and newer.

Does anyone know of such a product? I really don't want to use Wine and WS-FTP. But, I guess linux ftp is just not as advanced as windows yet. :-(

reddazz 10-31-2005 02:15 PM

What ftp clients did you use, so that people don't waste their time suggesting them?

halo14 10-31-2005 02:54 PM

I personally hate WS-FTP in Windows. I do own a license for CuteFTP Pro, but I rarely even use that. In Windows I usually use FileZilla.. which is free. I guess I probably don't need the same features that you do, but it works well.

if you just need to backup... why not just use the 'wget' command. It can download the entire site directory...

MarcRJacobs 10-31-2005 05:02 PM

I have some really large sites, with huge data areas for files (not just MySQL). So I want my backups to just do new and newer files, not all. I tried WGET. Works nice for all. And I'm not really familiar with CuteFTP. I guess I may need to run Wine. It just seems WRONG (IMHO) to me to adapt a perfectly good OS to run WinBlows applications.

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