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dlublink 01-22-2005 08:03 PM

What software for video editing

I want to download some videos and pictures off my digital camera and make a video out of them. What software do you guys recommend?



dlublink 01-23-2005 10:39 PM


pingu 01-24-2005 04:23 AM

There are several editors to choose from, here are some I have looke at:

* MainActor - commercial, but included in boxed versions of Mandrake (at least 9.x) and SuSe. Maybe other distro's as well, don't know.
Very easy to use. If you're new to editing, I recommend you start with this one. Only Kino can compete of those I've tried.

* Kino - free, included in most distro's I've seen (at least those using using KDE 3.2/. It's a KDE-app)
Seems to be easy to use, but only for dv - I don't have a digital videocamera so I can't really try it.

*Lives - personally, I didn't get it to work, don't know why.

*Cinelerra - if you know what you're doing... it's not for beginners. It is said to be the very best once you've managed to learn it!

* AviDemux - only read about it, it's free but haven't found any distr that includes it. (It's one of those apps you can't install without a decent Internet connection - I use modem...)
This one is said to be extremely easy to use for basic tasks, it doesn't have more advanced features though.

All I can think of for now!

shengchieh 01-24-2005 04:28 PM


Scroll down to

Softwares -> Movie/Video

for a few more.


dlublink 01-24-2005 10:21 PM

Thanks guys.

I really appreciate that link. I have already booked marked it!!!


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