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aeternitas 09-24-2006 06:13 PM

What limits are there on Wine? I got rid of FC5 and went with Ubuntu...and have a stable (albeit a little hot running) system. Now I'm finding a few of my apps from my windows system have no corresponding build as far as Linux goes. My question, lacking any clear information visible within the forums that I was able to find using logical search strings, is to what sort of limitations one will run into using wine, when it comes to complexity of the program desired to be used. In particular, a few of the programs I'm wishing to run, are Ventrilo (a Linux build is in the works, but not yet available) and Mud Master 2000 OR Console...both of which are fairly complex programs, but not overly so. I've used a few simple programs with no issues, but they usually tend to be programs that don't work with their own sets of odd drivers and such.

xpromisex 09-24-2006 06:31 PM

Well, if you haven't checked the winehq - do so. I believe that it is located at

If they aren't listed there, you really have no choice but to try them. You really can do no damage to your PC by trying the program, at least not from what I have heard. -

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