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catkin 12-09-2011 01:42 AM

What is your favourite boot loader?
What is your favourite boot loader and why?

I've got GRUB 0.97 installed and am having some difficulty creating a GRUB USB stick as a backup in case the HDD's GRUB fails -- probably because the device order is different when booting from the USB stick, not made any easier by running Slackware64 13.1 for which there is no legacy GRUB so am making changes by booting Knoppix.

All of which prompts a strategic decision, choosing a boot loader. GRUB legacy is fast becoming history, GRUB 2 is unfamiliar and complicating what was already un-intuitive, lilo is going the same way as legacy GRUB ... and there are so many to choose from on Wikipedia's Comparison of boot loaders

jhw 12-09-2011 01:49 AM

As long as I am using Slackware as my main OS, I will stick with Lilo. I find the configuration pretty easy to do compared to GRUB legacy, not to speak of GRUB2 (which is a mess, imho). The inconveniences with Lilo (i.e. running the command 'lilo' after every kernelchange) don't outweigh the simplicity it provides for me. And even if I once forget to run the command and am unable to boot the system, there is always a live cd at hand to solve those problems. So, in one sentence: Lilo just works!

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