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nokangaroo 05-24-2012 04:32 AM

What is /opt/schily/bin?
I just found this directory in the search path of k3b. (Just k3b - it is not on my $PATH). Never found it before, and the directory /opt/schily/bin does not exist on my system (not even when I search from Mac OS). Googling /opt/schily/bin gives a lot of results, most of them old, so it seems to be (or to have been) a legal directory. What is suspicious that nobody seems to have asked about it, and that I cannot find it. Needless to say, rkhunter and chrootkit show nothing except a warning about unhide.rb and a process warning /usr/bin/X which I take to be false positives.

I am on Ubuntu 12.04 32bit.

knudfl 05-24-2012 04:48 AM

Well, it seems somehow k3b related ?
( 'The "Schily" Tool Box' could have been used when creating k3b ? ) ( )
Quote : includes ..
cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs .. isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label


JZL240I-U 05-24-2012 05:10 AM

It is either a remnant from the time Schily maintained "cdrecord" (google for "Jörg Schilling" (that's Joerg Schilling ;)), or for "wodim", fork of "cdrecord") or it is a pun of the current maintainers. License disagreements become sometimes heated and so I doubt that it is somthing to be worried about.

nokangaroo 05-25-2012 01:34 AM

Thanks for your replies, guys. I guess we can close this. (And I know what an umlaut is, since German is my native language) :)

JZL240I-U 05-25-2012 02:00 AM


Originally Posted by nokangaroo (Post 4687012)
...(I know what an umlaut is, since German is my native language) :)

Ah. But one can't deduce that from your (unused) profile or signature -- and then, there just might be non German-speaking people in these forums who are interested as well :D ;).

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