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Cornholio 01-10-2005 09:32 AM

wget with proxy?
Hi there!

I know how to use a proxy for surfing... because I set it up the browser.

But, how can I use a proxy in, let's say -wget-?

Does wget offer some not mentioned (or not seen by me) function for using a proxy? I just saw that I could turn proxy on and off... but not, how I could tell which proxy I'd like to use...

Or is there a possibility to add any proxy into an URL? Like ???

Can someone help me with that? :-)

Thanks a lot!

rjlee 01-10-2005 09:40 AM


man wget
will tell you exactly how to use wget, including how to set up a proxy.

I can't just see anything in the RFCs about putting a proxy into a URL or URI (; this may be possible but I've not seen it myself.

bathory 01-10-2005 09:40 AM

Taka a look at this post

Cornholio 01-10-2005 10:51 AM


I just used wget --help ... I found nothing usefull there.. will check man wget...

Thanks guys!

Cornholio 01-11-2005 02:14 AM

Hi again!

Do you know what is very funny!

My manpage of wget seems to be broken.... here is the part about proxies ... tell me, if you also think there is something missing :-)

............from a web site due to the actions of one.

-Y on/off
Turn proxy support on or off. The proxy is on by default if the appropriate environment variable is

For more information about the use of proxies with Wget,

-Q quota
Specify download quota for automatic retrievals. The value ....................

So ... nice, eh? Could someone please post me the missing part....?


bathory 01-11-2005 02:55 AM

From the link I gave you:

Take a look at your .wgetrc or /etc/wgetrc and define there your proxy server. Then use wget --proxy-user=.. --proxy-passwd=..

rjlee 01-11-2005 03:16 AM

bbk 01-11-2005 03:18 AM

...or just simply use this line, if you do not want to know how to format wgetrc, do not want to add to your login scripts the export line, etc...

export http_proxy=http://your.proxy.server:port && wget -c http://whatever

Cornholio 01-13-2005 02:12 AM

Ok, thanks guys!

I finally got want I needed :-) Thanks a lot for all your support!


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