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coal-fire-ice 07-27-2005 04:10 PM

webmin troubles - Failed to write to /etc/webmin/module.infos.cache : No space left o
im having trouble with webmin. i tried to add a module. (pro ftpd or pure ftpd or something, cant remember which. had added a couple of modules to it already, and they went on fine. but when i clicked to add the module, it came up with a message which said;

Failed to write to /etc/webmin/module.infos.cache : No space left on device
(there is also a return to previous page link, but it takes you nowhere)

now, im not sure why it would say there is no space left on the device, the file is stored on a 26 gig hdd with more than 14 gig free.
i had a guess, and changed the file permissions, but that didnt help anything, so i changed them back.
i looked on google, but found things relating to freeBSD only, and i searched LQ but to no avail.
therefore i would be greatful to anyone with any idea how to get it to work again, please help, it would be much appreciated.

coal-fire-ice 07-28-2005 10:08 AM

nm, i sorted the issue, seems that the hdd is partitioned funny, so i moved the whole folder to one of the emptier partitions and then created a link, so it works fine now and i can add extra modules.

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