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DragonHrt 03-26-2003 09:29 PM

Webhosting Help
I am still kinda new with linux, but here goes my question. I have linux slackware on a machine and have my domain name pointing to it which is running my website. Well a very good friend of mine died this week and I would like to build a site in her honor using a domain name im going to buy for her. I would like to know if and how can i make that domain also point to this machine and it show her site. I sure hope that made sense. If anyone can help me with this please either email me or pm me on here. I also use alot of chat programs. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !!


israel 03-26-2003 10:08 PM

check your e-mail

DragonHrt 03-26-2003 10:13 PM


First of all thanks for answering me appreciate that alot, I guess i should have been a bit more detailed on my questions. I already have linux running and have a domain pointing to it that is working great. What I want to do is and another domain to point to it and have that domain name show the website I want to build her.

israel 03-26-2003 10:30 PM

check your e-mail


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