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jetblackz 03-24-2002 01:44 PM

Warning: elxlinux is slow as hell!
I took the plunge thinking it would make a difference. First off, the lastest RC is impossible to download as there's only one ftp. No mirrors. Mirrors have the slightly older prerelease.

2nd, there's a horrible bug in install: a stupid timeout greys out the "add" button for adding a user. I had less then 3 seconds. Reboot to root and adduser did the job.

3rd, a major turn-off slows down so much I thought I was pulling local files from another planet. 5-10 secs wait for each click in Konqueror. And increasing as the session continues. Strangest thing is it goes back to full speed when browing html docs. All else runs at normal speed.

While Mandrake and others have their share of bugs, these 2 will effiectively kill elx off as a contender.

Nice try, elx, try harder next time.

jetblackz 03-24-2002 02:04 PM

One last thing is there's a bug in auto-login: no matter how I set it up, it would always log in as user, skipping the login entirely. What's that mean? You CAN'T log in as root. Geez. I had to remove it.

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