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paragkalra 05-14-2008 03:33 PM

VPN connection in Linux.
Hello all,

I am facing two issues related to the VPN connection which I use to connect to my work place from my home

First let me give you a brief idea about my VPN connection. I use Citrix through web-browser "Firefox" to establish the VPN connection. It actually modifies or rather I should say it appends the "/etc/resolv.conf" to meet the requirements. When I close the web-browser, "VPN" connection is closed and the work-place entries are removed from "/etc/resolv.conf"

First issue is with Redhat. In Redhat Citrix successfully establishes the VPN connection and I can reach my work place. However after every 45-50 minutes connection gets closed even if I don't close the web-browser. So I am being made to establish VPN again & again and it has been a great pain in my neck. Any ideas, whats cooking in the vessel? :scratch:

Second issue is with SLES 10 SP1 & with OpenSuse 10.3. Just after establishing VPN connection, the "/etc/resolv.conf" goes blank and I cannot access anything, neither Internet nor Work-place. I know both seems to be Citrix related issue but if you guys & gals (although very difficult to find a Linux Girl ;)) can share similar kind of experiences it will be great.

jefro 05-14-2008 05:37 PM

IP lease time I'd guess.

My guess would be the secure linux is actually stopping that. Since that is a very wild guess, you should start with a diag of the network at that point to see what to do. See what state it is in. Might have to restart the network.

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