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CryptDragoon 10-18-2003 11:22 AM

Voodoo 3 3000 and UT...
Can someone help me out I did everything right and I just get this message before UT starts...

Unreal engine initialized
Bound to
Joystick [0] : Unknown Joystick
SDLClient initialized.
Bound to
Lighting subsystem initialized
Rendering initialized
LoadMap: Entry
Bound to
Case-insensitive search: Botpack -> ..\System\BotPack.u
Bound to
Game class is 'UTIntro'
Level is Level Entry.MyLevel
Bringing Level Entry.MyLevel up for play (0)...
Base Mutator is Entry.Mutator0
Browse: CityIntro.unr?Name=Kinetic_Assassin?Class=Botpack.TMale2?team=255?skin=SoldierSkins.sldr?Face=Soldie rSkins.Brock?Voice=BotPack.VoiceMaleTwo
LoadMap: CityIntro.unr?Name=Kinetic_Assassin?Class=Botpack.TMale2?team=255?skin=SoldierSkins.sldr?Face=Soldie rSkins.Brock?Voice=BotPack.VoiceMaleTwo
Case-insensitive search: genfluid -> ..\Textures\GenFluid.utx
Collecting garbage
Purging garbage
-0.0ms Unloading: Package Render
Garbage: objects: 16419->16416; refs: 224671
Game class is 'UTIntro'
Level is Level CityIntro.MyLevel
Bringing Level CityIntro.MyLevel up for play (0)...
InitGame: ?Name=Kinetic_Assassin?Class=Botpack.TMale2?team=255?skin=SoldierSkins.sldr?Face=SoldierSkins.Brock? Voice=BotPack.VoiceMaleTwo
Base Mutator is CityIntro.Mutator1
Initialized moving brush tracker for Level CityIntro.MyLevel
Created and initialized a new SDL viewport.
Bound to
Team 255
Login: Kinetic_Assassin
Case-insensitive search: SoldierSkins -> ..\Textures\Soldierskins.utx
Possessed PlayerPawn: TMale2 CityIntro.TMale0
Input system initialized for SDLViewport0
Opening SDL viewport.
Failed to load 'GlideDrv': Can't find file for package 'GlideDrv'
Failed to load 'Class GlideDrv.GlideRenderDevice': Can't find file for package 'GlideDrv'
Can't find file for package 'GlideDrv'
Can't find file for package 'GlideDrv'
Signal: SIGSEGV [segmentation fault]
Name subsystem shut down
Allocation checking disabled
Segmentation fault

superbondbond 10-21-2003 03:31 PM

when you say, "...I did everything right..." What exactly did you do?

looking at the message you posted, it looks like you don't have the Glide package installed. the 3dfx Glide packages are on the Slackware disc 2 in the extras folder, or look here

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