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jvdbossc 05-28-2004 03:33 AM

Vmware Virtual Machine Problem With Windows In Vmware

My red hat installation has vmware gsx server on it. I need to test windows server 2003 domains and have no hardware at home te test it.

The virtual machine works great, but what differs from vmware workstation is that even with VMWARE TOOLS installed on the windows server 2003, I cannot get decent resolutions and colors in the virrtual machine!

I was wondering if I need to start something to enable a better display, because the only x server at boot up is one for vncserver...

I have a default text login, (I don't whant to waste resources, or should I enable graphical login?)

Previously I tried vmware workstation in an X server session, and this was not a problem and working.

I think I just forgotten something, but I am not sure what. This has been for a few days already.

So if anybody has an idea what to install at the linux site to enable a better display on the hosted os, I would be really greatfull.

By the way: Windows server 2003 is supported by my vmware version, double checked those things...


huibert.alblas 05-28-2004 06:42 AM

VMware depends on X

I could see a problem here, yes.

I dont know the internals of VMware completly,
but I have been using it on and of for about 3 years now.

VMware has the ability to go fullscreen,
but only at relolution / colordepths that you Xserver can handle.
So there is some kind of connection between what vmware alows,
and what our Xserver is capable of.

You wrote you used VMware with a full X running,
without problems.
Then you only started an Xsession for VNC (?),
what is the main difference between the 2 configurations?

I have never used Win2003 under VMware,
but everything up to XP-pro runns flawlesly......

More info could help.

jvdbossc 05-28-2004 06:54 AM

I used to use vmware workstation in another installation, but this installation differs that x is not running on my server, exept for vncserver.

Probably this is not the same... I will test again with X running! But X had a good config for a my card...(i use red hat 7.3 patched) This configuration has been tested for more than one year, and has been re-installed cleanly recently, because needs changed for testing purposes and requirements.

I have some software (like epson scanner) that rely on an older distro, vmware won't compile on newer distros without modifications, and compiling for some programs seems to work better on redhat 7.3

I have a lot of good things on this one like a graphic destop in a vnc session, good working samba as backup server, net work file system, ftp...

Anyway my graphic card has always been good supported and is working!

So I will try to find out as much as possible about this. Hopefully somebody has any ideaS.


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