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jhaprins 10-17-2003 06:48 AM

VMWare and NVidia Geforce4 driver.

Currently I'm using VMware 4.0.0-4496 at home for the moments I really need a windows box. A few weeks ago I had some problems with my display adapter, got a new one reinstalled the drivers with a newer version (latest at the NVidia site) and everything was OK again.

Then when I started VMware and started the windows session the complete system came to a halt. I was able to ping the system but for the rest nothing was possible anymore. Had to do a hard system reset to get the system back to life.

Uninstalled the NVidia driver, put back the nv driver of XFree86. Checked all packages, found one missing library, don't know which one anymore. Put everything back to normal but still was not able to get VMware in it's normal opperation again.

Last night I took finally the CD of redhat 9 and reinstalled the system with everything on it, so the basic things work again and the data is on a seperate partition so don't have problems with that. Don't have my NVidia driver installed again, and VMware is working like a charm again. For the moment I'm a little afraid to reinstall the NVidia driver because I really need VMware for study etc.

Is there anyone here that has had similar problems? Are there RPM packages for RedHat somewhere for the NVidia drivers?

1GB Memory
Intel P4 2600-800FSB
Asus 9280TD / Geforce 4 / 128MB

RedHat 9
Kernel 2.4.20-20.9
VMware 4.0.0-4496

Thanks a lot
J.H. Prins

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