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aldimeneira 10-11-2006 08:02 PM

VLC shuffle playlist broken? cann't play 192 kbps aac songs?

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The one app that doesn't run natively on GNU/Linux or good enough using WINE ( Apophysis) and I used frequently was iTunes. Now that I use exclusively Ubuntu 6.06 (...although I like to work in cross-platform POSIX environments and I'm saving for a Mac, knowing to make a full-FOSS desktop/PC functional installation is nice) I looked for many apps that can handle audio and video (including gratis but non-free codecs) and VLC is the one that is closest to be a decent alternative to iTunes. However there are 2 main problems with it:

The shuffle feature doesn't work (!). I only listen to music at random or searching. I checked the "shuffle playlist" option, but it still plays it in a linear way.

192 kbps AAC songs play like if they're being streamed from a server far away... is it the cache?

btw, what engine those VLC uses?


I uncheck and check the shuffle option right in the playlist's window and shuffle is usable (...although changing it in "preferences" still changes nothing).

I deleted the only album (in the playlist not the HD) with 192 kbps songs... so I guess VLC is more usable now.

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