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TheOneSYM 02-28-2006 05:53 PM

VLC Plugin Installed, but not working!
Hello. I am trying to play streaming windows media video or any video type for that matter from websites. I have installed the vlc plugin for mozilla and firefox and according to the "about plug-ins" menu in mozilla, the plugin is installed and working properly. However, when I go to load a video on a webpage, all I get is a black sqaure that says "no image."VLC works fine for files on my desktop, I just can't seem to get the plug in working. Any help is appreciated.

mrclisdue 03-01-2006 06:33 AM

I went through the same thing a while back, and I never could get it to work. IIRC, in browsing the VLC forums and everywhere else I could google, I found that I wasn't alone. It appears to be a very under-developed plug-in. As good as VLC is, the development, misguidedly and unfortunately for us, appears to favour the windows platform. Nevertheless, the mplayer plugin works for pretty well all media files.


bgturk 10-21-2006 08:11 PM

I am experiencing the same problem. VLC plugin installation goes smoothly, VLC starts, but I get no sound and no video.

Lunar 03-14-2012 07:50 PM

I've had to install pulse-audio
I had to install pulse-audio, allow it to change my output device to null-dummy.
I hate it, but


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