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scm86 08-29-2007 06:53 PM

Vista on Xen in FC7
Ok, my laptop is dying and its getting replaced with a desktop. C2Q, at least 2, maybe 4 GB of ram, etc etc.

I need to have windows still, need a couple programs that are only available (to me, at least) in windows. My primary OS was FC6, will go with FC7 when I get the new computer. My question is, if I get Vista, will I be able to install it and use graphics laden programs like CAD software under xen?

I have played around with xen a little, but never got it to work installing fc6 on itself, only really used the xen kernel because it was the only one that would recognize the HT on my laptop...

Seems that if you have a proc with IVT its no problem, as I have found a couple guides on google for it, but as I understand it, the C2Q doesnt have IVT, does it? Sheesh, I've been out of the loop too long, its been years since I had to build a computer; knock on wood that it will be years before I have to do it again...



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