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Sabicas 10-12-2004 05:28 PM

Visio In Linux
Have any of you heard of Visio being launched in Linux, or know of a program similar to Visio that can be run in Linux?

It also needs to be compatible in Visio, ect.. Open Office Microsoft Word

evilmrhenry 10-12-2004 06:08 PM

Dia, a Visio look-alike:
(Free, but missing many features.)

A page on getting Visio to run in Wine:
(Visio 5, though.)

Wine appdb page for Visio 2000.
(Doesn't seem to work all that well, but may help you hack something together.)

Codeweavers, with support for Visio:;curPos=10
(Codeweavers costs money, but Visio seems to work.)

jschiwal 10-12-2004 06:16 PM

Didn't Microsoft purchase Visio? If so, I doubt they would port it to Linux.

guest 10-12-2004 07:09 PM

Obvious suggestion...
Look for Kivio, available for KDE. It's free, AFAIK, but stencils must be purchased (I'm not affiliated with its makers, BTW).

Phyrexicaid 10-16-2004 11:13 AM

seems kivio is part of the koffice suite, seems entirely free. Going to give it to my dad to try as he needs to use Visio. I'll post his comments when he gets around to using it


alar 11-29-2004 10:32 PM

Hi Dave,

So what has your dad been up to lately?
As I embark on a quest for Kivio ;)


Phyrexicaid 12-02-2004 05:08 AM

Kivio doesn't seem to have the stencils that visio has, you can create your own, but looks like a mission. I emailed the guy who was part of the development team and he had this to say:

Ok I've never used visio (only poked around in it a bit) so I don't know all requirements, but for ordinary stencils you need to create a sml file for it describing how it looks. For examples look at the other stencils ($KDEDIR/share/apps/kivio/stencils). Also I'll attach a describing the format but it isn't correct in all places so you might run into things that doesn't

The plan is to move to the OASIS open office format which is shared with at least That move will mean better documentation and being able to use a drawing app to create the stencils.
Peter Simonsson

So I think I'm going to wait till the move is complete, seems easier!


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