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kamtono 06-08-2005 09:02 AM

virtual webhosting
i've read your tutorial "Virtual Webhosting on Linux for support of php+mysql+jsp+servlets" nice doc ! (maybe i will try it this weekend)

recently i have visited good site they offered qmail instalation complete with good apps belong (i think is complete package open source apps)
also step by step instalation process

do you have a nice doc / links to other site regarding building webserver for hosting (complete with standar application like apache(of course), mysql, php(include many module inside like gzip, zlib, much more i think), frontpage ext. , perl(he-he i'm never used it untill this day), SSL, ASP( and rest apps that GPL Licensed) that give it step by step installation trough troubleshooting process ?

actually i'm running a small webhosting, without control panel (cpanel, plesk)

thanks for your concerned

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