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malaka56 10-01-2005 12:28 AM

video to ASCII in xine, mplayer?
hey everyone, im running simplyMEPIS, and i've noticed this issue a couple times when watching videos in xine (i think, not mplayer, but it was awhile ago so i cant remember). basically the video avi or mpeg probably would open up and instead of a video i would see basically a VIDEO of ascii art of the moving images. it would look just like the normal video, but all ascii and it was pretty cool, then i close it xine or whatever, and it goes back to being the normal video. this has only happened twice, but it is such a cool effect i would love to know how to reproduce it. i have hasciicam, but im not sure if this is what i'm looking for. i just want a way to view videos in ascii art. thanks.

OK, nevermind, i got it, its already built in: aa-lib

just type: aaxine

Half_Elf 10-01-2005 04:53 PM

if you want to do this in mplayer, try "mplayer -vo aa /your/movie"

With mplayer, you can also use "colored ASCII" if you have caca-lib installed... just use "mplayer -vo caca /your/movie". But the black and white one is prettier atmo.

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