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jang 10-25-2003 11:31 PM

video thumbnailing in Gnome 2.4
Hello all. I've used RPMs to upgrade to gnome 2.4, everything works well, except that I don't have video thumbnailing. Later on, I've downloaded totem and installed it. Even with this application installed, no thumbnailing still. But when I changed user to root, and went to the video files, thumbnailing worked. when I logged back to the user, thumbnailing worked well also.

The problem is I have a second computer with the same setup. This one, under root, thumbnailing works, but when I go back to user, nothing. Is there anything I should do to trigger totem to thumbnail the video files? I've checked gconf, and thumbnailing was enabled and assigned to totem, in both cases( root and user), they have the same configuration. But when it comes to user, it won't work.

Any suggestions?

megaspaz 10-26-2003 02:32 AM

maybe check the permissions for the thumbnailing program/script/library for whatever it is that does thumbnailing in gnome. also check in gnome if you're user has some kind of file size limit for thumbnailing. kde has options where you can specify thumbnailing on files less than a certain file size. maybe gnome has something like that too.

jang 10-26-2003 07:31 PM

I already set the maximum filesize, but still not working. Do you have any idea where I should set permissions for thumbnailing? I think it's using totem for thumbnailing.

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