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PeaceTank 03-13-2005 01:05 AM

/var/lib/init.d/softlevel unaccessable even to root!!??
I have just started getting a very strange error on boot, stating that i cannot access /var/lib/init.d/softlevel because permission is denied. I checked the file, and right now all that I can do to the file is view it with ls, not evel ls -l works. I can't change the permissions, delete it, or move it, even as root!!!! I found a little something, but without being able to move or remove the file it doesn't help much:

The file /var/lib/init.d/softlevel is created by the system dynamically and does not belong to ang package group. Hence, I did an rc default to re-create the missing file.

Someone please help!

BTW, this really doesn't seem to affect boot or system performace whatsoever, its just very strange!

avarus 03-13-2005 06:53 PM


Something is amiss - that file on my Gentoo system is a regular text file containing the single line:


ls -l gives:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8 Mar 13 10:55 softlevel

I think my first move would be to boot from the recovery CD and fsck the drive. It looks like there is a minor corruption in the inode table and this should correct and fix it. The problem will lie with the directory rather than the file itself, so the problem is worth correcting.


PeaceTank 03-13-2005 09:12 PM

yep, already done and fixed.

reiserfsck and reiserfsck --rebuild-tree fixed it all up.

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