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a2ps 10-19-2003 01:17 PM

ut2003 unistall problem
hi there,

ive installed ut2003 on my rh9 and everything went just fine.

now i've finished the game and i want to uninstall it, but when i run 'sh uninstall it gives me the error: uninstall: line 24: 4490 Segmentation fault "$UNINSTALL" "/home/a2ps/ut2003/.manifest/ut2003.xml" "$1"

if i try to uninstall it on root is gives: Could not find a usable uninstall program. Aborting.

but it should work on "a2ps" user, 'cause it says on the ut2003 faq that i should uninstall it on the same user that installed it.

can i just erase the ut2003 folder?


megaspaz 10-19-2003 03:18 PM

yeah you can. i'd prolly try, as root, a 'find / -iname "ut2*" ' and/or a 'find / -iname "unreal*" ', etc... to see if i could find ever kind of instance of unreal tournament 2003.

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