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pierrethibault 02-17-2005 11:24 PM

using mplayer with .asx without -playlist? Would be useful for mplayer plug-in

My problem is not critical, but a bit annoying. I would like to watch the news from my home country trough internet. I have mplayerplug-in working well with almost any file, but it fails to work with .asx files. The problem seems to be that mplayer doesn't even try to parse the xml code in the file. For instance, if I type :

mplayer (complete address ending in .asx)

it won't work. However, If I add "-playlist", than the cache starts to fill in and it starts to play, and I'm happy. Fine. The problem is that mplayerplug-in doesn't know it needs this "-playlist" option. If all .asx are actually playlists, it seems to me that mplayer should be smart enough to try to parse it as a playlist, without needing to tell it to do so.

I could just use the command line, but the address changes every day, and it's a pain to go to the right page, then right-click, view source and find the address somwhere in the .html file...

I am using the most recent mplayer-586 and mozilla-mplayer debian packages from Christian Marillat site. My distro is Debian unstable on Linux 2.6.10 i686 GNU/Linux

Thanks for any input on that smallish issue.

[ By the way, I didn't put the actual URL because it's my first post, and has a policy of not allowing URLs in the first 5 posts to avoid spamming ]


jiml8 02-18-2005 09:12 AM

You will get much of this to work if you skip the mplayer plug in and go with plugger5.0

You then use the full mplayer to play incoming multimedia.

Beyond that, I would like to stream asx files directly from gmplayer, but that doesn't work because the "open location" choice doesn't recognize playlists. I have to use the command line in order to do it, so that is MY complaint!:)

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