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masand 12-20-2004 01:04 PM

Using mencoder
hi there

i have been trying using mencoder
but i am not able to figure out how to go about it
i searched ths site also ,but cold not get it

also i have installed MPplayer sources for mencoder
it is working but how do i go about converting a mpg file to compressed DIVX file
i have been trying out various things but of no use

i have got the ~~12 MB codecs package from Mplayer site also

i tried konverter utlity also ,but of no luck
any suggessions???


huibert.alblas 12-20-2004 02:43 PM

this should get you started:

It describes setting for transcode and (more importand) mencoder., and a fair bit of background information.

I use mencoeder for all my transcoding/ripping needs.
I even write a few shellscripts for ther more common tasks.

Even more in depth info (this one really got me started :-) here:

masand 12-20-2004 03:00 PM


i am trying that out

masand 12-21-2004 07:03 AM

i am looking for a description to help me compress mpeg file to avi

the above one was for DVD ripping


masand 12-23-2004 12:53 AM

ok. the mencoer is working fine
but i do not see all the plugins ,i tried installing the full plugin package from mplayer also


acid_kewpie 12-23-2004 01:15 AM

you might like to try acidrip, which is a wrapper for mencoder, and can convert from mpeg to avi no problem

masand 12-23-2004 01:21 AM

thanz,.but i had tried that too
but do i need to install dvd packages for that
can't i skip them


masand 12-24-2004 07:49 AM

any suggestions?

pibby 12-26-2004 02:47 PM

This site should help you out:

Personally, I use this command when compressing a DVD's mpeg (from mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream) to an xvid encoded avi:

mencoder stream.dump -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts codec=mpeg4:vbitrate=625:v4mv:mbd=2:trell:vpass=1 -vop scale=720:480 -zoom -o Movie_Name.avi

That gives me a file btwn 600-850MB, depending on how big the stream.dump was, but usually something in the 650-750MB area.

You may want to give that command a try and see how it works out for you, hopefully it will do for you the greatness it has for me :)

Good luck!

masand 12-26-2004 11:03 PM

thanx a lot!!

wil surely try that

also i more thing, where do we get all the codecs for mplayer, i have got he ful package from mplayter's site but that too are missing some plugns...


DiBosco 05-27-2007 01:12 PM


Originally Posted by acid_kewpie
you might like to try acidrip, which is a wrapper for mencoder, and can convert from mpeg to avi no problem

Chris, this is a top piece of software, seems to work just fine - apart from one little detail! It doesn't seem to actually tell you its progress in its encoding. You can see by refreshing Konqueror or looking in a shell that it's working, as the target file gets bigger, but the progress bar doesn't work and the progress text doesn't work either. Have you seen this before or is it a known bug? :)

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