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clickster 06-14-2005 11:33 AM

Using BCC in Postfix
I know there is a BCC line that forwards EVERYTHING that comes across a mail server to another address, but I just it to forward all mail to a specific user (there is only one user that I need this on) to another address that's not local.
Is there a way to do this? I am running Postfix on an FC3 box, if that helps with versioning, etc.

acid_kewpie 06-14-2005 12:42 PM

BCC is nothing to do with your situation whatsoever. a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is just a way to send a standard email to lots of people at once, without letting any one recipient know who else got it. like when you send out a mass job rejection letter.

what you want to do is forward all mail sent too one local user to a remote address? just use a .forward file in their user directory. if you wish to pull it back to a central core level, use the virtual db map to send email that way, e.g. "virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual" in your see "man virtual" or the default virtual file for more details. also you could use /etc/aliases.

clickster 06-14-2005 01:14 PM

I made a mistake when I wrote my original issue. I should have said "forward a copy" of each e-mail.
I want a copy of the e-mail to be placed in the user's mailbox and another copy to be forwarded on. Sorry about that.

acid_kewpie 06-14-2005 02:41 PM

this is not what postfix is for. i would suggest running procmail either as a direct transport for postfix or a standard filter per user. if a given user has a .procmailrc in their home dir when postfix delivers mail to their mailbox, procmail will take over and act accordingly.

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