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Using a Wavecom GSM modem
Hello guys i'm a newbie when it comes to linux. My problem is, i developed an SMS app on windows but now plan to port it to linux. I don't know how to communicate with it thru code(c/c++) or using a terminal program like minicom as my linux box seem not to even detect it(running SLES 10). The modem is a wavecom one and i use a USB cable. Can anyone help me?

Thanx in advance

Andrew_OC 04-08-2007 04:48 AM

You communicate to the Wavecom modem via AT commands. The modem will be fixed to communicate at specified baud rate (doesn't auto baud IIRC) - usually 9600 by defaut, although you can change this with something like AT+IPR 19200 & AT&W for example (there should be a AT command set guide on the wavecom website)

I would try using a standard serial port in the first instance as I've always had problems with USB-Serial converters.

Andrew_OC 04-08-2007 04:49 AM

I think there's a command like ATI5 which will respond with the modem model if you get comms working AOK.

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