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tparker 10-06-2009 09:42 PM

USB headset trouble - version issue?
I'm having USB sound issues and noticed that my computer has all of these installed:

libusb-0.1.12-21fc11 (x86_64)
libusb-0.1.12-21fc11 (i586)
libusb1- (x86_64)

The description for libusb1 says that it is not compatible with the original libusb-0.1 series. Could having both types installed be causing my sound issues, and if so which one do I remove?

I'm in Fedora 11 (64 bit) and sound worked fine until my non-USB headset died. The new one is USB and every time it gets plugged in my (non-USB) keyboard input stops and some of my (USB) mouse input stops. If I unplug the headset input works again. If I plug the headset back in (without rebooting) I get no sound through it, but the next time my system tries to use sound the keyboard/mouse input goes away. I can only get sound back by rebooting, but as soon as I use sound (xine, youtube, rythymbox) I lose input again. I do not ever get any system sounds - ding at log in, chirps and clicks for windows opening and closing, etc.

Some level of input is there - I can ctrl-alt-backspace to close X and mouse click the reboot option at the log in screen, but I can't type in a browser bar, password entry box, terminal window, etc.

I'm taking distance classes and need sound for some assignments so I need to fix this. I'm willing to post anything needed to help or get ideas, just let me know what and how.

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