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odin123 01-21-2004 04:15 PM

Urgent Urgent !!!! Mozilla Keeps All Your Deleted Emails !!!!

This happened to me right now. I told a friend who advised me to post to all (thanks, Rab!)

I thought I'd change from using Mozilla mail (1.5) so I gave Kmail a try.

I imported my "Inbox" file (the one with the envelope logo) from /home/xxx/./mozilla/default/xxxx.slt/Mail , size 45MB, to /home/xxx/Mail/, i.e., from the hidden Mozilla directory to the Kmail directory in my home folder.

Lo and behold!

To my infinite amazement and horror, ALL the emails which I though I had deleted in Mozilla (yes, and from trash, of course) were there, in Kmail, gazing at me. In Mozilla I had kept, over the last few months, about 300 emails, and now, in Kmail, I saw that I had more than 2000 !!!

I did the same with the "Sent" file, but first I opened it with Kwrite, and LO AND BEHOLD, after a few random searches, ALL the emails which I thought I had deleted (yes, and from trash as well) were there, also clearly displayed when transfered to Kmail.

(Using Slackware 9.1 on KDE and Mozilla 1.5, carrying my mail through other distros and from Mozilla 1.4)


odin123 01-31-2004 01:25 AM

Nobody has answered my message!

I thought security and transparency were the two features that Linux and/or Mozilla share against Microsoft.

I'm beginning to wonder...

megaspaz 01-31-2004 03:22 AM

i'm wondering what this has to do with linux. i don't use mozilla for mail, but i do use kmail. all the emails i deleted are deleted. the only folder with any emails in there is my Saved folder. nothing in the rest of my ~/Mail folders. sounds like you don't want to be using mozilla for mail if this is the case.

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