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spd_vhi 10-17-2004 08:43 PM

upload in nicotine(pysoulseek)

my nicotine doenst upload...

my settings are(in "Files -> Settings ->Connection -> Transfer):

Upload speed exceeds: 10KBytes/sec
every thingelse its blank, but the last option(Lock incoming files).

i shared 2gb of a lot of mp3 and anybody uploads.

i have a 256kbps/128kbps adsl connection.

well, thats it...



tardigrade 10-18-2004 01:44 AM

um your post was sorta hard to follow. Do you have the correct ports open. Though this shouldn't make it so you cant upload anything. Have you tried pysoulseek or museek ( my nicotine settings are this:
[x]Number of uploads exceeds...
[x] limit uploads.... (*) per transfer
A user may queue max of [500]
[x] queue limit does not apply to friends
[ ] share to friends only
[x] lock blah blah

try checking the server tag. see the [x] i can recieve direct....
again check ports.
by uploads im assuming you mean the others cannot get your files. right?
I have noticed that some people have to my files to get anything from me or they get a file not shared garage crap thing.
Good luck slsk is the best p2p community.
My slsk name is tardigrade. if im on i hope to see you around.
whats your name so i can try and d/l from you.

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