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edong23 10-29-2005 02:13 PM

upgrading e17
i have e17 installed on 2 systems in my house, and even though it is alittle buggy, i really like it (it is much more stable than kde...) the thing is, i dont exactaly know how to upgrade. i got it from cvs a few months ago, and i would like to see how things are coming along. (note, this isnt the first install, i just usually upgraded the entire distro though) i am looking to see if i am supposed to go in and say make uninstall in all the directorys that i installed from, or should i jsut get the new cvs and build it again and install it again, or do i remove by hand, i dont know. i posted on edevelop a while ago and noone has responded, i figure someone here has done i what i am going.

GT_Onizuka 10-30-2005 02:04 PM

Just in case your distributuion isn't Slackware (and is Debian) e17 seems to have contributed CVS packages. I don't know how regularly they are updated, but I recently downloaded the ELive 0.3 CD, and when I did apt-get dist-upgrade, it found a new version.

If you do indeed use Slack (power to the people :P), what you're going to want to do is simply download the new versions from CVS, and do the good ol' ./configure && make && make install in the same order. The necessary files should be replaced, and you should be good to go.

Just to be sure though, check the changelogs (provided they exist) to make sure anything didn't change. I did it a couple of days ago myself, and everything worked out swimmingly.


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