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bplis* 05-31-2012 01:04 PM

Upgrade to Fedora 17 with preupgrade creates unbootable system
I upgraded to Fedora 17 64-bit with preupgrade yesterday. I had fedora 16 64-bit. The install appeared to go fine, and no errors were reported. Upon rebooting from the "Installation Complete" screen, my moniter said "Input signal Out Of Range" where my bootloader screen should have been. Then, after the system "booted" all I got was a blank screen, but the input signal was no longer oh of range. I can switch to a text console, but I cannot see the text. But I typed in my login information on the blank screen and typed reboot, and it rebooted. So there seems to be some sort of graphics problem. I have changed no hardware, not even my moniter. (my system is listed in my specs). The BIOS screen displays perfectly fine, as does windows when I change the boot order to the windows drive. I have tried downloading an install DVD and using the "upgrade" option on my install, but it changed nothing. Any Ideas?

Thanks, bplis*

syg00 05-31-2012 06:40 PM

This is likely to be one of many such threads. The Fedora devs have more faith in pre-upgrade then I (and many others).
I got it work to once (just once) as I had said when others have complained similarly on previous releases.

My solution was to carve out /home to a separate partition and clean install using the /home (and userid/passwords) from the previous level. In my case I also have separate partitions for two releases so I can reboot back easily to the prior release in case of a cock-up.
Comes in handy ...

I need to re-install stuff each time, but it's generally pretty painless, and I often don't even notice things I forgot. Such is life with Fedora.

bplis* 06-01-2012 05:00 PM

Interestingly enough, I seems to be able to boot my system, mostly, using qemu. I can boot the hard drive with qemu (an emulator) and see the GRUB screen, which is GRUB1.99 not GRUB2 anymore. I get to my installation, and at the login screen, the default GNOME one, I get a "There has been an error and the system cannot recover. Contact the computer administrator" message. I find that all of my old Fedora 16 entries are still there as well, but seem to boot to the broken Fedora 17. This is also very odd.

So there seems to be no current way to rescue my system? I would hate to have to reinstall all of my programs, as I like having them there when I need them. Anyone else have any ideas?

Thanks, bplis*

syg00 06-01-2012 07:09 PM

Grub 1.99 is grub2.
The boot screen working under QEMU sounds like a KMS/radeon issue. The "known_bugs" mentions that the old kernel entries are now being kept - maybe start searching there.

John VV 06-01-2012 08:06 PM

basically if you use "pre-upgrade" on a FRESH install of 16 to go to 17 it WORKS

over the years i have just gotten in the habit of removing "extra" programs before doing an upgrade

even then a NEW install is often best

you DID make a back up ? right ?

reinstall and move over your data from the back up

bplis* 06-03-2012 02:02 PM

Weirdest thing just happened- After booting it (and it failing to boot properly) under QEMU, it now boots just fine regularly. The GRUB screen still has an "Out Of Range" signal, but Fedora does boot and work properly. I am very baffled, as I had not been able to install any updates or anything. I do not know why, but it appears that being booted by QEMU caused some file(s) to change, allowing it to boot.

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