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lzyking 02-14-2003 08:36 PM

upgrade the kernel failed
I must use ipv6 in my linux ,so I decided to upgrade the kernel to 2.4.19 , but I met the error when I used the command make bzImage , the error like that :

ipv6_output.0 error 1
first_rule error 2

_subdir_ipv error 2
dir_net error2

I have selectd almost all of about the ipv6 , I don't know what can I do ,this is my fist time to upgrade kernel , help me please .


neo77777 02-14-2003 11:03 PM

Try compiling it as modular, make sure to compile modules for ipv6 netfilter configuration as well

lzyking 02-14-2003 11:37 PM

Now I have new problme , all errors like what I said before have fixed , but the new one appare .

the error is :

ksyms.c:49:23 linux/md5.h: no such file or directory make [2]:*** [ksyms.o] Error 1

net/network.o: In function `match':
net/network.o(.text+0x75447): undefined reference to `ipv6_ext_hdr'
net/network.o(.text+0x757e7): undefined reference to `ipv6_ext_hdr'
net/network.o(.text+0x75a77): undefined reference to `ipv6_ext_hdr'
net/network.o(.text+0x75cf7): undefined reference to `ipv6_ext_hdr'
net/network.o(.text+0x75f07): undefined reference to `ipv6_ext_hdr'
net/network.o(.text+0x76067): more undefined references to `ipv6_ext_hdr' follow
net/network.o: In function `ip6q_mangle_ipv6':
net/network.o(.text+0x7724a): undefined reference to `route6_me_harder'
net/network.o: In function `reject6_target':
net/network.o(.text+0x78605): undefined reference to `icmpv6_send'
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

What can I do?

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