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icemaker 06-08-2007 07:33 PM

updating RHEL AS4 update 1 to update 5 via CDs?
Hi all- great forum, I've been lurking for a while, and never had to ask a question until now. While I'm not a complete linux noob, I'm still a noob on this forum :)

Anyway- I have a unusual situation where I have a couple RHEL AS4.0 (update 1) servers behind a closed network and due to a ton of red tape, I can't get permission to go thru the firewall to access rhn and run the up2date command to get the latest and greatest updates.

My only solution at this point is to download the latest AS 4.0 update 5 .isos and do a manual upgrade, so at the very least my systems wouldn't be completely out of date :mad:

What are the pros and cons of doing a manual update via the .isos? Obviously I would make sure I have the latest backups ready to go if the upgrade fails.

(I do have valid subscriptions and I do have a ticket open with redhat for this very situation, but they're being slow to respond).

Any input from you gurus would be greatly appreciated.


Lenard 06-09-2007 06:29 PM

You should have no problems upgrading via the CD's, just make sure you do keep the current installation. If at all possible try the upgrade on a test system at least once to 'make sure of' and to 'experience' the process.

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