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PoezeBeest 03-27-2004 05:36 AM

updating Gnome
i have the standerd Gnome that comes with Suse 9.0 installed,
but a friend of me told that the newest version of Gnome had some what more options and worked a bit easyer, what would be handy for the other people, mostly my friends and my girlfriend, that work on this PC.

but if i take the automatic updaters from the suse site and install then, Gnome wont run anymore.

and i do not get much of how to install the Tarball's that are on the Gnome site.

can anyone of you help me (or give a site that had a "how to install a tarball package"..)

thanks in advance.

chem1 03-27-2004 12:11 PM

I sould highly suggest that you use KDE 3.2. Its way way better than GNOME in terms of ease of use and numbe of applicationas available. Also,since you have SUSE, all you have to do is to go to and downlaod the rpm packages.INstall these and off you go...

Hope that helps...

PoezeBeest 03-28-2004 09:06 AM

i had both Gnome and KDE installed, but i dident realy think KDE is a good system for me, want to do to much, is to slow. and does not run Graphic apps fast. for that i took Gnome. and i heard that the new version is a lot better.

so it does help, but i still want to know how to install those tarball's
and if there is a fast way to get them?

Pwnz3r 03-28-2004 11:06 AM

[Reply to GNOME question]
Which version do you have? I myself am using 2.4.1, and I can tell you whether to update or not if you tell me.

About tarballs, some people seem to like thinking that they're packages, problem due to the plague that the RPM puts in everyone. lol They're actually parallel to zip files in the way that they are just compressed archives and for programs, they contain the source code. That means you extract them and compile the source code. Here's a simple tutorial on it.


tar -xjpf filename.tar.bz2 OR tar -xzpf filename.tar.gz OR tar -xpf filename.tar
cd path-to-extracted-directory
./configure --path=/usr # Can also be ./Configure, depening on the
name of the configuration script in the directory. Just type both if one returns a
"file not found" error.
make # Compiles the program and make the binaries
su - # Become root in order to install the files
make install # Install the binaries and other files into the correct places
exit # Exit the root's shell

After doing that, all should be good in the world.

[Note about KDE]
I used to have KDE when I was using Mandrake and I was truly annoyed by it. All it really seemed to do was be confusing and take up a lot of space on my HDD. You say that there are more programs for it, but if there are then they surely like to put all of them in it because it is extremely bloated.

Also, GNOME has a lot of apps that are much better than the ones in KDE, and not to mention KDE is way to slow to keep up with me. On the second run with KDE during boot up, GNOME is still faster in it's first run. Not only is it slower, but it confused the hell out of me whereas GNOME is sexy and not confusing. Look at my screenshots, and tell me that's not way sexier that KDE. :p

PoezeBeest 03-28-2004 12:04 PM


i know that tarball's are like zip files, but it allways give and error if i type ./configue, but it might just do it for one time. will see later today.....

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