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zugvogel 05-16-2010 01:21 AM

updating files with rsync using --append --partial options

I'm trying to download a large (~18Gb) file using rsync from a server to a client, but the server, for an unknown reason, kills the connection after a time, when I've downloaded only about 8-10Gb.

How can I continue the downloading of this file?

I've tried using the --partial option, but it just restarts the download from zero again. I've tried adding "--append" but I get "rsync: on remote machine: --append: unknown option" because the version is 2.6.3 on the server (and 3.0.6 on the client). I don't have control of the version on the server.

Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot.

kainosnous 05-16-2010 02:49 AM

--inplace and -z seem like they may be good options to try.

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