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Ravenator 04-01-2003 04:21 PM

Unable to remove wine rpm's
Hi there I installed the wine rpm package earlier this evening but was unable to get it working so red a howto anyway It suggested removing the current wine rpm and installing it by using the cvs method which I did and it all downloaded and updated succesfully from the winehq server. Now when I went to run ./tools/wineinstall it asked me to remove the current wine install to which I entered in the root password when asked etc and it then as requested to remove it executes the line and just stays there.

I gave it 10 mins as im new to linux and was perhaps thinking maybe it was doing something behind the secenes. Eventually I exited the terminal window. I have tried removing the wine rpm myself by using the
# rpm -qa |grep wine
# rpm -e <winefilenamebuild etc>

As above after the command is typed and entered it just stays there and doesnt seem to remove it. I am out of ideas and am stumped even after reading helpfiles etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thetargos 04-01-2003 04:27 PM

you can also check it by using the gnorpm package manager or the KDE packager to confirm the rpm is being deleted from the current installed rpm's database.

Another thing you could do is to add in to the -e options this: rpm -evv <winepackagebuild>, this way you can actually see what is being done by the --erase flag (-e). I hope this works. Anyway, after rpm -evv make sure it has been uninstalled by rpm -qa | grep wine. Bye.

Ravenator 04-01-2003 06:05 PM

OK I managed to remove the old rpm's. Now when it goes to configure I get the following:

./configure: line 88: No such file or directory
./configure: line 89: No such file or directory
chmod: failed to get attributes of `': No such file or directory
./configure: line 201: conf4678.file: No such file or directory
./configure: line 948: config.log: No such file or directory

Any help as always appreciated

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