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davedorm 02-14-2008 06:26 AM

Unable to burn bootable ISO to CD-ROM in K3B or cdrecord
I am having an issue, and I am not sure if it is hardware or software related.

I cannot burn a bootable ISO to CD-ROM with either K3B or directly with cdrecord that my PC will boot to. I have done some troubleshooting:

1) It will boot my Kubuntu CD-ROM and other live cd distros I have picked up elsewhere, just not the ones I have burned myself.

2) The ones I have burned WILL boot in VirtalBox. Just not on the PC hardware directly.

3) The ISO itself can be mounted and booted from within VirtualBox also.

4) All MD5 checksums do match up, and neither K3B or cdrecord throw any errors when burning.

Some vitals, if needed...

CD-ROM Hardware: Sony CD-RW CRX-160E
PC: Celeron III (800Mhz) 512M RAM
Software: Kubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy" (Linux 2.6.22-14 kernel)
KDE: 3.5.8
K3B: 1.0.4
cdrecord: 2.01.01a33

Any assistance appreciated.

kilgoretrout 02-14-2008 12:06 PM

Try some different cd-r or cd-rw media. I think that's the most likely cause. I assume you have checked your bios setup and made sure that your cdrom is set ahead of your hard drive in the boot order since you are able to boot other cds. Compatibility problems with older cdroms and newer cd-r(w) media are pretty common. These issues are much more sensitve at boot in my experience.

MyHeartPumpsFreon 02-14-2008 09:37 PM

In addition to trying other media, make sure to burn at a slower speed. Just make sure that you're getting a solid burn.


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