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Zoombie 07-23-2003 02:51 PM

Ugly menu fonts in Mozilla Firebird
The fonts in my Mozilla Firebird are huge and unchangable. I have XFT enabled and working - TrueType fonts in web pages appear fine. However, the fonts in the menus, toolbars, buttons, etc are way too big. The font preferences in Firebird only change the fonts on web pages - the menu stays the same no matter what. I've also tried changing font preferences from Gnome (I normally run KDE), but Firebird ignores those, too.

This large and ugly font appears in almost all GTK-based applications - XMMS, the Gimp, etc. For some reason, gaim is unaffected. (gaim seems to use Verdana 10; I have no idea why, but it looks fine)

Thanks for any help.

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