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radu.pop 11-13-2009 07:19 AM

udev/hal issue upon resuming from suspend to ram

I have managed to successfully track down and reproduce with accuracy a problem I have for some time now when I go from suspend to ram to resume, on my slackware box (slackware 13 right now in fact...).
The issue goes on like this:
I am using a notebook computer.
1. I suspend to ram with the power cord plugged in(from xfce, but should not matter, it uses pm-utils triggered by specific hal scripts as far as I see)
2. I remove the power cord after suspend to ram is compelete.
3. I wait like 10s, then resume by pressing the power button briefly
4. All I got is a blank screen with an unresponsive computer, all I can do is powering down by pressing and holding the power button pressed for a few seconds (hard shutdown).

Now, I suspect the problem is generated by the fact the computer resumes from standby and udev (most likely) or hal has a device list database that does not correspond to the real facts anymore. I have tried to log udev and hald messages (with debug logging activated) to syslog, but after the hard reboot I can see there is not even one syslog message at from time I resumed from suspend, so not sure what and at what level locks the machine.

Any ideas which could shed some light on this issue are much appreciated.

Thanks for your time on reading this anyway,

mudangel 11-14-2009 10:21 PM

No responses yet?
Maybe you could provide some more info regarding the computer...
You might have better luck in the Slackware or Laptop and Netbook forums.

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