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Odyssey1942 11-06-2009 12:40 PM

Ubunut 9.10 "alongside" install option
For weeks (has it been months now?) I have been suffering a fairly well-specked core duo with a gig of RAM running Ubuntu 8.04, which over a couple of hours after a reboot, gets slower and more congested requiring frequent re-boots. This is especially noticable in Firefox, whereas Opera and Ephiphany don't seem to suffer so much. Fortunately this machine is in another city and only gets used a few days a month.

So to see if I could do a quick fix, I decided to install 9.10 and was very favourably impressed with the new installer, especially the partitioner, which sems vastly improved over 8.04. It offered a (new to me) option to install 9.10 alongside my existing, which my knee jerk reaction to was, "That's good, If I don't like it, I'll just uninstall it and then try to figure out what's wrong with 8.04"

Unfortunately (probably) I did not think through where the installer was going to get the space, and when I brought it up, it had not found my old /home partition, and about that time it was necessary to depart to return here leaving me unsure of what had happened and now unable to investigate until I get back there.

So here is the first question. What have I done partition-wise (the 8.04 had a swap, system, and home partition; big hdd with lots of room most of which is/was devoted to /home)? I am guessing that 9.10 took the space it needed from /home, and I hope that it took "unused" space. Any ideas? (I expect that this question might be commented by any linux user, not just Ubuntu users.)

This is going to be a theoretical discussion because I cannot access the other computer from here. But more than theory, because I really want to see what the rest of 9.10 looks like, and am about 98% sure that I want to upgrade this computer as well.

It also has the swap, system, and home partitions the difference being that this computer has another 300 gigs in an unused partition. So the second question is: when I install 9.10 would you recommend that I upgrade over 8.04, or just do a clean install into the existing system partition, or do another "alongside" utilizing part of the unused partition? I like the idea of installing it alongside 8.04 but want to make sure that it sees my existing home partition. Is this just a matter of mounting home in the 9.10?

I want the result to keep my desktop intact with all of the quick launches at the top as they are now.

Thanks in advance.

blackhole54 11-06-2009 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by Odyssey1942 (Post 3747341)
This is going to be a theoretical discussion because I cannot access the other computer from here.

Unless somebody very well versed in the inner workings of the particular installer you used responds on this thread, I would view a "theoretical discussion" to be little more than wild guessing. Which I don't see the point in. For the machine you've already installed to, I suggest you wait until you get access to that machine again and then use a tool like fdisk or parted to see exactly what happened to the partitioning.

As far as the machine you currently have access to and would like to install to, given your concerns, I suggest you go ahead and do an installation (after backing up any important information), but explicitly control the partitioning yourself instead of letting the installer handle all of the details. It will be a little more effort, but you will get exactly what you want instead of wondering/worrying about what the automatic partitioning of the installer would do.

If you need help either choosing how you want to partition your drive or in how to tell the installer to do it, post back with what you want to do. I am sure there are people here who can help you. When you post back, be sure to include what the partitioning on that machine looks like now by including the output of:


sudo fdisk -l
(Note that the option is a lower case "el", not the numeral "one".)

Odyssey1942 11-06-2009 02:22 PM

BH, I take your counsel concerning computer number 1.

I am being called away today through Sat or Sunday, and will post the partitioning output for computer #2 along with a restatement of my objective early next week. Thanks.

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