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farrooda 09-30-2006 02:15 AM

Ubuntu installed , Fedora doesn't boot (device-mapper)
I had fedora core 5 installed on my pc, and I wanted to install ubuntu server 6.06 next to it.
I booted up ubuntu and resized the fedora partition, and then used the free space to install ubuntu.
After that I added the entries for fedora to the grub boot loader.
Ubuntu boots normally, but when I try to boot Fedora, I get the following message.

Found volume group "VolGroup00" using metadata type lvm2
device-mapper: dm-linear: Device lookup failed
2 logical volumes in volume group "VolGroup00 now active
Unable to access resume device (/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01)
VFS: Can'g find ext3 filesystem on dev hdc2.
Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

And then my computer freezes

Thank you for your help.

Indkoeti 09-30-2006 07:12 AM

I#m not sure, but fedora by default installs on a logical volume, wich generally is a virtual partition on a real partition which can dynamically be resized. By changing the size of the real phisically partition you could have damaged the volume data so that the different logical volumes can't be accessed. If you want to install something alongside fedora its genrally best(and mybee the only possible way) to resize the logical volumes and let the physical partitions unchanged. But try googling for locical volume managment or lvm

farrooda 10-01-2006 01:25 PM

I have searched for lvm but i didn't find anything that could help me solve my problem.
If fedora uses logical volume, Ubuntu doesn't ?
I resized the partition using the Ubuntu installer.
Is there any way to retrieve my data or to rebuild the partition table?

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