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Pollywag 08-02-2010 08:56 PM

Ubuntu HTPC - intermittent audio buzz over HDMI
Hey guys, I'm extremely new at Linux but managed to get Alsa .023 installed on my HTPC and sound working in xbmc. However, every 10-15 seconds when playing audio over HDMI, i get a short burst of static (maybe 0.5 seconds). The static does not interfere with the audio track. I have tried running my laptop using the same cable/tv/port and its fine (win7). Listening through the analog connection on the mobo with headphones produces no such noise.
The noise happens with any audio such as youtube or xbmc.

Gigabyte UD3-H57 USB 3.0
Core i3 530
2GB Corsair 1333 DDR3
1TB WD Green

Running 10.04 Ubuntu

Happy to post any logs you may require but please tell me how to do so because as said, im very new

Pollywag 08-03-2010 09:56 AM

Just reinstalled Ubuntu. encountered the same problem. the only thing done was run alsa update script to enable sound

nickleus 11-16-2011 03:21 AM

unplug the hdmi and plug it back in
i also had buzzy audio while playing a video file. the funny thing was that i tried playing a different video and the buzz wasnt there. anyhow, i tried simply unplugging the hdmi chord from my laptop then reconnecting it and the buzz disappeared.

jefro 11-16-2011 03:39 PM

Radar in area?

Check all grounds and home grounding or have a professional with a megger or newer tool to diag grounds.

Be sure to move all electronic stuff away from this setup. Almost any electronic device has a warning that it can produce emi.

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