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nenyo 08-04-2005 05:25 PM

Type Japanese Characters in OOo
i used to run mandrake 10.1 but i just switched to gentoo. one of the things i miss though is the abillity to write with japanese characters. i remember that there was a button you pushed and it gave you a huge list of languages and dialects. you chose one and when you typed in any program it would show up in that alphabet. i dont remember what this program was.

i thought it might be scim so i installed uim, scim, scim-uim, and skim. i got scim-{canna,skk,prime,.....} and hoped and prayed for it to work. it didn't. when i added the uim applet to my panel in gnome all it shows is an 'x'. when i click it nothing happens. when i right click i get a few options like prefrences and stuff. there is no "remove from panel" option and when i try to "Quit this toolbar" nothing happens, soits stuck there. in kde it automaticly added the button to the panel but nothing shows up when i click it.

i want to be able to type japanese in OpenOffice like i could with mandrake. what program do i use, and how do i configure it to work?
if nobody can help me than at least tell me how to get rid of the button on my panel. thanks

bushidozen 08-08-2005 05:56 PM

I found this on another forum:


First go to Tools-Options-Language Settings-Languages, and check the 'enable Asian languages'. Then under 'default language in document' select Japanese in the Asian box. Click OK and reopen Tools-Options-Language Settings-Languages, you should see 'seaching in Japanese' and 'Asian Layout'. Do the setting accordingly. Use the help file if needed. Go to Writer-Basic Font(Asian) and select the Japanese font that you want to use. Click ok and you are done.

Btw, you need a Japanese IME in order to type in Japanese.
Oh, I think you can get the Japanese IME from Microsoft (either from Windows or from their website, I don't know).

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