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lob1 12-22-2017 10:10 AM

two way authentication

I am setting up a server that will need to authenticate with two way authentication to another server that I do not manage. The other server is denying my connection, and their support simply states this:

"You have our cert, we have your cert. When you send the handshake over we acknowledge it and trust your cert, then return it for you to acknowledge and trust our cert. As long as you have our cert loaded in your keystore correctly, you should trust our cert and then the transaction can take place."

Where should I load his cert so that it is trusted?

Habitual 12-22-2017 11:02 AM

"keystore" reference is a Java term.

Java is rather complex.
All I can offer is

the tool is named keytool and that page at oracle says "Also manages certificates from trusted entities." and that is where you want to "be"

the keystore file can be anywhere and named anything.
See Import the Certificate as a Trusted Certificate for the ugly details.

Using a .cer (certificate) file in this example, it can be done using

keytool -import -alias susan -file Example.cer -keystore exampleraystore
I'd keep a terminal open and get comfy with the keytool command.

Sorry, wish I had more.

lob1 12-22-2017 11:38 AM

That's what confused me. We arent using Java, though. This is basically a LAMP stack that is being used as a reverse proxy. What would be the process considering that? Thank you for your help!

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