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JerryMega 12-12-2008 01:31 AM

Two problems about gcc link share library.
I am new to linux software develop.
I met 2 prblems about shared library.
The application is developed on ubuntu,
It uses libc-2.7, it works well, no problem on ubuntu.
Now i install app on fodera.
On the fodera, There is only libc-2.3.
SO system shows error message "GLIBC_2.4 not found",
Usually , How to release this application to
different version libc system. The users have to upgrade libc?

Or I build app use static link library.

Another problem.
This application use libusb library to access USB device.

Now libusb is dynamic link library, It can be linked into my app staticlly? if not, how to release this dynamic link library.


Junior Hacker 12-12-2008 02:13 AM

I did an advanced search at rpmsearch for Fedora 10, 9, 8, 7, (since you did not mention which you are using) and found these available packages you can install with rpm install command. I would probably try the 2.4.11 version if it were me.

glibc-2.4-9.src.rpm Other 15094 kB
glibc-2.4-8.ydl.1.src.rpm Other 15089 kB
glibc-2.4-8.ydl.1.ppc64.rpm Other 5007 kB
glibc-2.4-8.ydl.1.ppc.rpm Other 5016 kB
glibc-2.4-8.i686.rpm Other 5065 kB
glibc-2.4-8.i386.rpm Other 4269 kB
glibc-2.4-5.src.rpm Other 14539 kB
glibc-2.4-5.i386.rpm Other 1001 kB
glibc-2.4-4.x86_64.rpm Other 4697 kB
glibc-2.4-4.src.rpm Other 15084 kB
glibc-2.4-4.ppc64.rpm Other 6121 kB
glibc-2.4-4.ppc.rpm Other 5004 kB
glibc-2.4-4.i686.rpm Other 5057 kB
glibc-2.4-4.i386.rpm Other 4261 kB
glibc-2.4-11.ydl.1.src.rpm Other 15148 kB
glibc-2.4-11.ydl.1.ppc64.rpm Other 5013 kB
glibc-2.4-11.ydl.1.ppc.rpm Other 5019 kB
glibc-2.4-11.x86_64.rpm Other 4702 kB
glibc-2.4-11.src.rpm Other 15149 kB
glibc-2.4-11.ppc64.rpm Other 5004 kB
glibc-2.4-11.ppc.rpm Other 5012 kB
glibc-2.4-11.i686.rpm Other 5060 kB
glibc-2.4-11.i386.rpm Other 4262 kB

I can't answer the static link question.

Junior Hacker 12-12-2008 02:20 AM

Try an advanced search for the version of Fedora you have and just put glibc in the search field. Then install the package you need using yum.

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