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HonkIfTouLikeLinux 08-17-2009 12:05 AM

TTS on Debian lenny: Help
Hi I am new and with questions.

I'm using Debian lenny with Gnome and need to get TTS working for a blind friend. I tried to get going first with Festival but I had trouble with OSS sound:mad:, then I attempted it with Orca. but Orca is acting weird such as it keeps closing after any app closes like Gecko or openoffice:scratch: and it's not fully integrated with Gnome so no menu, error or command reading:cry:. Finally I tried a Espeak Speech-Dispatcher Yasr combo testing as I went but even with the Alsa patch, editing yasr.conf and compiling by hand Yasr will not run:cry:.

I am not sure witch one to try to fix first and I have run out of ideas:mad:. So I am asking for help, pleas can you guide me with what to do on one of the above or give me some other pkg ideas;)?

Thank you for your help.

HonkIfTouLikeLinux 08-17-2009 07:21 PM

Knock knock
I tried some things like switching wm's and reconfiguring the apps in question but nothing worked.

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