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MrMorgs 03-22-2010 02:12 AM

Trying to uninstall itunes so that I can re-install itunes!!!
Hi guys - new to this whole process. I'd like to think I'm slightly computer literate, but am reasonably new to Linux so...yeah...

Anyway, I just got a new iphone (yay me) but later realised that as I have Ubuntu, it is very difficult to get itunes installed on it.

Having said that, I've got Wine installed and attempted to download itunes 7.something and even though the whole process worked, it appears that when I try to access itunes the whole screen goes black and then if I scroll across the screen with my mouse it lights up various bits of what's behind the black screen and then after a while it tells me that it cannot access itunes at all...hmpf!!

So I thought, perhaps I should uninstall itunes, but in doing that it still appeared in my wine folder, so I uninstalled wine, which still appeared in my Applications list, so I edited my applications list and then tried to re-install wine from scratch (I know I sound dumb already - but I was desperate ok!!!). So now wine is installed on my computer somewhere but it now doesn't show up in my Applications list at all and I can't seem to get it back on there - any suggestions there would also help...

But my main objective is to try and uninstall itunes properly (maybe from the terminal window - but I don't know how to even do that) and attempt to re-install it to see if it works again.

I need to do this in order to sync my iphone. Cannot seem to do it with Amarok as I don't have Installer.Apps on my iphone, and cannot get THAT without syncing it with itunes to begin with....*takes deep breath*

So...any suggestions would greatly help as I feel like I've googled the shit out of my computer and my head space is feeling really crammed lol!

Thanks guys!

grail 03-22-2010 02:31 AM

Hi MrMorgs

1. According to link below you should be using iTunes 8.x

2. Below will hopefully help you get Wine back (I have not had the issue)

3. If you only want to sync phone as already have phone registered and stuff try:

And finally, I am sorry but not real sure how to remove the older versions of iTunes :(

epsilon72 03-25-2010 08:12 PM

Have you tried

wine uninstaller
The sledgehammer approach would be

cd ~
rm -rf .wine

No more itunes, but no more ANY windows programs that you've installed with wine :D (be careful when running that command though)

Uninstalling wine won't uninstall any of your windows programs. All it does is uninstall wine's binaries and libs from the system. Everything that you install with wine by default goes somewhere in your home directory - usually in a folder called '.wine'. Think of it sort of as your "wine hard drive".

If you don't want to delete your wine directory, well...I'm afraid I can't help you, since I've never tried installing iTunes under linux.

Another option to consider if wine ends up not working is creating a virtual machine and putting a windows installation in it, and installing iTunes there.

epsilon72 03-25-2010 08:17 PM

(double post)

SGHard1 03-06-2012 03:56 PM

I have been having the same exact problem as you, but I think I finally found it.
Go to the Dash home search engine thingamajig. Type in "uninstall" and select "Uninstall Wine Software"
From there, select the program (such as anything iTunes), uninstall it, and then go back through and install it the right way.
Hope this helps

epsilon72 03-07-2012 12:48 AM

Holy necropost, batman.

The advice is appreciated, but check the date on the thread next time ;)

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