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AbsoluteZ3r0 08-17-2011 11:01 AM

Trying to get Lua to work with Conky
Ok, as the subj. line suggests, I am having an issue getting Lua to work with Conky. In the end of all of this my goal is to have multiple conky "screen-lets"/ read-outs on my desktop. I have scoured the internet for hours and have yet to find the exact answer on why Lua won't work with conky on my system. I am not sure what members would like to see from my system, but just let me know. I have all of my scripts in a .conky folder with these in there: .conkyrc, .conkyrc_clock, .conkyrc_net, .conkyrc_net, .conkyrc_proc, .conkyrc_sys and finally The and .conkyrc both have little locks on them and I am not sure why the others do not. All of the other conky (clock, net, proc, sys) all are suppose to put Lua output and all have code for it within their given files.
I am not sure if my question is clear to anyone, and I apologise if it is not. I am not positive I completely understand the problem I am currently facing.

Also, I am running Mint 11.

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