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wdave58 01-18-2010 03:51 PM

trying to get a HP 6500 on-line
>have tried to link up to HPLIP, but there are NO entries for relationships with Slackware, only the other major Distros like Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu, etc....
>i have run hp-check -ldebug, locally with Konsole
to try and see why my HP OfficeJet 6500 will not join up with my linux box on the network,
i was told that the LSB dependancy was missing,
>upon looking for it at i cannot find it there

am i looking at this wrong,

i think that by finding and downloading and running installpkg on the .tar.gz that will show for 'LSB' dependancy (install_initd) ....that that will be the missing piece to getting my printer "on-line".

i have already opened the appropriate Ports on the router and changed the IP address in the software on the HP printer to accomodate the IP range on the Belkin router.

i run Slackware 12.0
kernel - 2.6.21
KDE desktop and XWindows

thanks a million and "it's Great to be back"


wdave58 01-19-2010 03:33 PM

solved ....
i hate to post answers to my own threads, but ...

the answer for me at least was two fold ...
1.) i used the KDE interface under >K>System>Manage Printing
2.) used the CUPS web interface to build out to the printer by ip address

not sure why the hp-check dependancy check failed, but i am able to print from the KDE desktop and web (Firefox) interfaces,
having trouble with the .Pdf files printing though, but will solve momentarily,

good chance,

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