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tomlin 02-19-2010 09:17 AM

Trying to FIND mediatomb 0.12.0
I'm trying to stream media from my Ubuntu machine(s) to my DirecTV HR22 receiver. I used apt-get to install mediatomb (0.11.0). I can see my directory's files on the TV, but everything shows up with a file size of "0", and won't play. After some searching on the web, it seems I need version 0.12.0 for the HR22. All pages point to, but 0.12.0 is NOT on that site (that I can find). Am I just blind here? I can't seem to find that version anywhere.
I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 on 2 different machines.
Any help would be appreciated.


rweaver 02-19-2010 11:46 AM

The current version of mediatomb is .11, if you need a newer version than that you probably would need to checkout the code from the repository and compile and install it yourself.

fusion1275 02-19-2010 11:47 AM


First of all I would ditch MediaTomb and get yourself a copy of serviio

It's so simple to set up and there is a forum for all your questions etc etc.

I have got myself a new Samsung 55" LED tv and loaded this on my little 4.3GB Ubuntu media server which has 2x 500GB raid0 disks attached and it streams my music and video's like a dream. I'm well impressed and it only took me 20mins to install and configure.

Check it out!


naaman 02-19-2010 12:44 PM

You really should check the mediatomb's configfile (there : /etc/mediatomb/config.xml).
Maybe the video format you're trying to read is not configured ! That would explain why your tv doesn't receive all the information about your files ...

I added to my config.xml file this line :

<map from="avi" to="video/divx"/>
you should probably do the same ....

My config.xml :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config version="1" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
    <ui enabled="yes">
      <accounts enabled="no" session-timeout="30">
        <account user="mediatomb" password="mediatomb"/>
      <sqlite3 enabled="yes">
      <mysql enabled="no">
    <protocolInfo extend="yes"/>
  <import hidden-files="no">
    <scripting script-charset="UTF-8">
      <virtual-layout type="builtin">
      <extension-mimetype ignore-unknown="no">
        <map from="avi" to="video/divx"/>
        <map from="mp3" to="audio/mpeg"/>
        <map from="ogg" to="application/ogg"/>
        <map from="asf" to="video/x-ms-asf"/>
        <map from="asx" to="video/x-ms-asf"/>
        <map from="wma" to="audio/x-ms-wma"/>
        <map from="wax" to="audio/x-ms-wax"/>
        <map from="wmv" to="video/x-ms-wmv"/>
        <map from="wvx" to="video/x-ms-wvx"/>
        <map from="wm" to="video/x-ms-wm"/>
        <map from="wmx" to="video/x-ms-wmx"/>
        <map from="m3u" to="audio/x-mpegurl"/>
        <map from="pls" to="audio/x-scpls"/>
        <map from="flv" to="video/x-flv"/>
        <map from="audio/*" to="object.item.audioItem.musicTrack"/>
        <map from="video/*" to="object.item.videoItem"/>
        <map from="image/*" to="object.item.imageItem"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/mpeg" as="mp3"/>
        <treat mimetype="application/ogg" as="ogg"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/x-flac" as="flac"/>
        <treat mimetype="image/jpeg" as="jpg"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/x-mpegurl" as="playlist"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/x-scpls" as="playlist"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/x-wav" as="pcm"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/L16" as="pcm"/>
        <treat mimetype="video/x-msvideo" as="avi"/>

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